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Layered Expressions

Introducing The Layers Project's new Art Director,

Ruthie Matanky Skaist

Together we are creating an art showcase called, “Layered Expressions,” where we will be taking art submissions in any medium, from Jewish women, throughout the year. There are many ways to express oneself and we feel it’s important to include other modes of expression in The Layers Project.

We will begin with the Tishaa Ba’av Reflective Portfolio. We are collecting art that we will post throughout the day on Tishaa Ba’av on the following themes:

                                                                   1. Redemption- person or communal
                                                                   2. Collective consciousness/ shared history
                                                                   3. Loss- personal or communal
                                                                   4. Longing/anticipation

Please include either an artist’s statement, short story or poetry to explain your piece, along with your submission.

Send your submissions or pitches to

"Tear Your Hearts Not Your Clothes"
Commissioned by Josh and Miriam Friedman
Watercolor, Acrylic, and paper collage on Bristol 
19x24 inches -

by Ruthie Matanky Skaist

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